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Decorate and style your home with ease. Curated Seasonal Home Décor Subscription Boxes delivered direct to your door. Including a variety of neutral, high-quality and versatile pieces to easily incorporate into your existing décor or visit our Décor Shop to add individual pieces to your collection.

Home Décor Subscription

Limited edition seasonally inspired home décor pieces delivered to your door every 3 months.

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    Decorating your home has never been easier with Welcome Home Box. When you subscribe, we'll send you a limited edition box full of beautiful home décor pieces every season.

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    We ship every 3 months, just in time for a seasonal home refresh. In the meantime, you can explore our Décor Shop for individual pieces and check out our social media pages for styling tips, inspiration and more.

  • Decorate & Style

    Yay your Welcome Home Box has arrived! Now you get to have fun styling and decorating with your new home décor.

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